Cancelling your debt review is possible. A signed letter with an instruction for us to cancel is all it takes.If you cancel debt review before receiving your clearance certificate you need to consider the following,When a debt review is cancelled, the original credit agreement is revived and the creditors are free to proceed to enforce their rights in terms thereof. That is why we urge clients not to cancel without making prior arrangements with creditors. We often assist them to do so.

To get your life going forward without the impediment of the Debt Review Notice on your Credit Bureau Profile,  we do the whole process of removing and clearing your name from debt review including debt review status on itc

 About our services

 We are specialists in: 

- Cancellation of Debt Review with or without a court order 

- Debt Mediation, Negotiation and Settlement

- Rescission of Magistrate Court Judgments 

- Rescission of High Court Judgments 

- Rescission of Administration Orders 

- Removal of trace alert listings

- Removal of default listings 

 Services we specialize in

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