Who we are and what makes us one of the best in the industry

We are one of the most experienced debt review removal and blacklisting clearing company in the country for over 10 years we have been assisting consumers obtain clean credit record,improving credit scoring and clearing debt review. We do nothing but provide these needed service to our clients, our experienced consultants are well trained we have established very good relationships with most of the Credit Providers and all credit bureau companies in the industry, therefore  settling matters and disputes with Credit Providers is quicker and easier, ensuring a very high success rate of the process as a whole. 

As one of the most prominent players in the industry,Our impeccable reputation of is of the utmost importance to us and we endeavor to ensure that the level of our service and our ability to provide consumers with the best possible clear credit record, are the highest in South Africa.You can be assisted in 9 of the official languages of South Africa, You can rest assured that you will be assisted in your mother tongue, ensuring that you have no problem understanding the clearing process and everything there is to know about it.

 About our services 

We are specialists in: 

- Cancellation of Debt Review with or without a court order 

- Debt Mediation, Negotiation and Settlement

- Rescission of Magistrate Court Judgments 

- Rescission of High Court Judgments 

- Rescission of Administration Orders 

- Removal of trace alert listings

- Removal of default listings 

 Services we specialize in

Credit Repair, National Credit Act, Consumer Protection Act, administration, consumer rights, consumer law, consumer complaints